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The Cuban East, A Unique Proposal


Cuba. That it is the area chosen for the realization of the most important commercial event of the year by Havanatur – the east of Cuba – when it is celebrating 45 years of founding, is not accidental, nor debt forgotten by time.

In tourism, we look to the future and the product that is promoted and marketed is a premise, redesigning it looking for the different and autochthonous that it contains in itself. Marketing scholars speak of product reengineering as something vital and necessary at an international level, for Havanatur a pending issue this year regarding its circuits.

Selecting the area for the realization of a great event, in addition to the challenge, synthesizes several aspects: There are strategic air connections from Holguín and Santiago de Cuba from Europe and also from Central America, not counting the Caribbean and its joint efforts by the States that make up the region and advocate the development of multi-destination as a complementarity of products to attract a greater influx of tourists to this important place.

This strip of Cuban geography concentrates five of the nine World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO and important to note that from the architectural-cultural point of view it treasures some of the oldest cities in Cuba starting with the first town founded by the Spaniards Baracoa in 1512 next to Bayamo in 1513 and Santiago de Cuba in 1515.

In detail, it is prodigal in history since its origins. The discovery of the new world rewarded Christopher Columbus with the beauty of this ideal land to anchor time and desires. Places of charm with a past of more than five centuries that have marked a history of natural privileges, also constitutes the sap of Cuban nationality, linked from its beginnings to the first emancipatory movements of slaves, the wars of independence and the struggles against tyranny in the 50s for national rebellion to this day.

If we focus on natural resources, Oriente brings together cozy and opportune beaches for the practice of water sports especially in the area of Guardalavaca in Holguín and Covarrubias in Las Tunas, as countless sites throughout the eastern region for lovers of diving and speleodiving with seabed of unparalleled beauty and wrecks of appreciable historical value.

Famous for the beauty of its mountainous areas, and several National Parks such as La Demajagua, the Desembarco del Granma National Park – a World Heritage Site – and the Great Sierra Maestra National Park.

No less important, the Baconao National Park, one of the most beautiful Natural Reserves of the Biosphere of Cuba, as an extensive wooded area of numerous attractions: the Valley of Prehistory, the Great Baconao Lagoon, and the Garden of La Gran Piedra, located in the ancient ruins of one of the largest French coffee plantations in the area besides the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park,  core of the Cuchillas del Toa Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site, the most important protected area in Cuba in terms of biodiversity, wealth and endemism. 

It treasures a vast cultural wealth product of the mixture of roots, well representative of the culture that unites us where apart from museums and historical sites, its systems of fortifications and the architectural styles that adorn its cities mark a route along with its traditions, its festivals, music and instruments of an indisputable sound.

During the commercial appointment there was no thought of a single program to travel it, each agency has designed its own route, setting interests and products of high interest for each market and each one summarizes as experiences the best of each region. It also aims to train the sales network about the destination in place and its novelties for the winter 2023-2024

As usual, to match the participants at a midpoint of all the routes drawn, this time Guardalavaca, recognized strip of beach on the north coast of Holguin, who exhibits new and comfortable facilities along with projects under development to increase its infrastructure by 2025.

So far, the participation of more than 320 travel agents from several countries working with the Havanatur Group has been confirmed, the great event will also serve to present Cuba as a unique, different destination that is worth daring to visit, because each travel experience is enriching in itself.

Havanatur has among its strategies to work strongly for the future and to recover the participation quotas as a group in visitor arrivals, where they concentrated more than 25% of the total number of tourists arriving on the island at the end of 2019. Cuba as a destination has been experiencing a gradual recovery and expects to reach arrivals of more than 3.5 million visitors by the end of this year.

Source: Havanatur S.A.


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