In the First 11 Months of The Year, The Dominican Republic Received Almost 7.5 Million Visitors

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The Ministry of Tourism reported that in the first 11 months of the year, the Dominican Republic registered the visit of almost 7.5 million people.

Of this group, 6,397,444 visitors arrived by air, as well as another 1,085,606 hikers, representing the visit of 7,483,050 people in the January-November period.

And for the month of December, it is projected that 800,000 foreigners will arrive in the country, if everything continues as it is going in the world, which is 23 percent more than the arrivals of this same month in 2019.

“With the arrival of Dominicans residing outside the country we registered a growth of 20 percent compared to November 2019 and with the visit of foreigners we exceeded 12 percent in growth,” said the Minister of Tourism

Arrivals by country will grow by 14 percent, those from the United States; 20% from Spain; 7% from Argentina; 119% from Colombia and 2% from Chile. 

“And this means that the figure that the Ministry of Tourism has will be about 800,000 foreigners, which will also be a record, if everything continues normal in the world, that the Dominican Republic, before our arrival, had never entered more than 700,000,” Collado said.

From the Ministry of Tourism “we are estimating that Punta Cana will be the preferred destination, 52 percent, and that tourists exceed by 30 percent the total of their reservations compared to 2019.”

David Collado announced that the country received during the month of November 571,354 tourists, who generated more than 532 million dollars in foreign currency.

“In November we did it again, we reached record figures in the visit of 571,354 tourists only by air, which means an increase in the arrival of 24 percent compared to November 2019. It’s a true success story month after month,” Collado said.

A lot of sacrifice

He said that “being here (making the nuncio of the figures of the sector) has entailed a lot of sacrifice, it is true that month after month, we announce records, as we have been growing, but, throughout that journey, there is a history of sacrifice, of work, of taking care of the small details. “

He reported that last month was the best November in history since the country received 109,489 more tourists than those who arrived in the same month of November of the year 2019, which represents an increase of 24 percent.

“If we add the 571,354 tourists who arrived by air and the 195,270 who came through the cruises, we are talking about the historic figure of 766,624 visitors in the month of January. If that’s not a record, tell me what it is,” the official asked at the press conference, which took place in the Great Hall of the Ambassador Hotel.

Collado highlighted the growth in the arrival of cruise passengers, registering in November the visit of 195,270, compared to 111,128 in the same month of 2019.  Most of the cruise passengers who arrive do so through the ports of Amber Cove and Taíno Bay, the latter the new terminal of Puerto Plata.

Source: Diario Libre.


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