Belize Scientific Conference Celebrates 60 Years Cuban Medical Aid

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The Cuban Medical Brigade in Belize greeted in its 22nd National Scientific Conference, the 60th anniversary of international medical collaboration in this and other countries, a diplomatic source reported today.

The health specialists presented 16 investigative works on different topics at the event, which were selected among the best during the regional meetings prior to the national forum, adds a report from the Cuban embassy in this capital.

The subjects dealt with in the scientific texts the main public health problems in the population of this northern Central American country, Cuban medical sources said.

The commemorative acts for the six decades of Cuban international medical cooperation, coinciding with the 32 years of that offered to Belize, included a special edition of the Belize Medical Journal, with articles by Cuban specialists on these subjects.

Another important moment of the celebrations, which brought together Cuban and Belizean health personnel, was a recognition of nursing graduate Iris Mery Zayas for her contribution during 32 years, since she joined the first group of collaborators of the Antillean State in Belize.

The commemorative ceremony was chaired by the Cuban ambassador and consul in the country, María Caridad Balaguer and Gustavo Aguinaga, respectively; the president of the Belize Medical and Dental Association, Perla Aldana; and the coordinator of the Cuban Brigade, María del Carmen Lozada. (

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