“Sexual and Reproductive Health, General Health and Quality of Life”


Unhealthy Lifestyles Affect Sexual and Reproductive Health.”

 Lack of exercise, obesity, meals rich in animal fat, fried things, abuse of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, poor control of Chronic diseases (HTN, DM, blood fats, etc.). Abuse of sex hormones, mainly in bodybuilders, who have the bad habit of self-medicating without counting on the Specialists, can attack their general, sexual and reproductive health.

Principles for Achieving a Healthy Sex Life for a Long Time:

1-Healthy Life (No alcohol, no smoking, control of Chronic diseases, exercise, walk at least 1 hour a day, balanced diet, eat vegetables and avoid eating sweets, fried things (they should be boiled, so that cholesterol, triglycerides and fats that affect the processes related to arteriosclerosis, with damage to arteries of small caliber, such as those of the brain, heart and arteries of the genital area, among others….

2- An adequate Sexual Education, dismantling prejudices and myths about the size of the penis, enjoying sexuality, avoiding to place the genitals as the Center…

3- Achieving good communication in the framework of the Couple, avoiding unnecessary changes, use of protection and “safe sex” to avoid sexually transmitted disease.

4- Avoiding trauma of the penis, “acrobatic positions”, which can cause trauma and damage the tissues of the penis, with deformities or curvatures that affect penetration, as happens in Pyrone’s disease.

5- Avoiding trauma of the perineum, with the possibility of prostatitis (prostatic inflammation) and damage to arteries that supply the genital area. As it happens in motorcyclists, cyclists, excesses in sport, etc.

6- If there is any concern about sexuality or any sexual dysfunction, consult immediately to your Doctor, before irreversible physical and psychological changes are established. Be aware that in most cases there is a solution…

7- Last but not least, it is to practice frequent sex, so that the muscles that have to do with Sexuality, relax…. (unused muscles atrophy by themselves)

You should know that over the years, couples lose The Sexual Fantasy and the infatuation of the first months or years, but when they touch and stimulate each other, the desire and the possibility of a pleasant sex increases, this many couples do not know and spend a lot of time, without sexual activity. If you do not have a partner you can exercise the Self-exercise of Sexual Function (masturbation, both for men and women). Men should know that this exercise should be slow and try to have a self-control of ejaculation, for when you are in a couple, be able to control it and avoid Premature Ejaculation, which is a symptom of dissatisfaction, in many young men.

By Dr. Ramiro Fragas Valdés, Master in Sexology, urologist and consulting professor of several Universities in the Americas’


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