Russian Presidential Adviser Talks with Cuba’s Central Bank

Centro Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso de Cuba

The Economic Advisor to the Russian Presidency, Maxim Oreshkin, meets today with the Minister-President of the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC), Joaquín Alonso Vázquez, as part of his visit to this capital.

The first vice president of the BCC, Francisco Mayobre, and the vice presidents of that financial institution, Alberto Javier Quiñones and Yamile Berra Cires, also attended that meeting on the Cuban side.

Previously, Oreshkin attended the inauguration of the work meeting of Russia and Cuba at the Havana Club, also chaired by the Vice Prime Minister and head of Trade and Foreign Investment (Mincex) of this country, Ricardo Cabrisas Ruíz.

When speaking in plenary, Cabrisas Ruíz denounced that the unfair, arbitrary and spurious inclusion of Cuba in the United States list of countries sponsoring terrorism significantly harms the international ties of the banking and financial sector.

More than 100 banks from different regions of the world suspended operations and correspondents with the Cuban banking system as a result of being included in that unilateral list, which creates delays to execute collections and payments with foreign partners, he affirmed.

After the official interventions, the Cuban delegation presented facilities to promote Russian investment in this country.

Preceded by a private dialogue between Cabrisas Ruiz and Oreshkin, Ana Teresita González Fraga, first deputy minister of Mincex, and Carlos Jorge Méndez, general director of Foreign Investment of that ministry, also participated in the work meeting on the Cuban side.

Also present were the Vice Minister of Finance and Prices Maritza Cruz García and the president of the Azcuba company, Julio García Pérez, among other officials.

On the Russian side, the Russian ambassador to Cuba, Viktor Koronelli, the deputy head of the Directorate of Experts of the presidency Svetlana Lukash, and the deputy head for Foreign Policy of the Office of the presidency, Denis Agafonov, also attended.

Similarly, the Russian Deputy Minister of Finance Aleksei Lavrov and the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Ivan Lebedev, among others, participated in the plenary. (


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