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Tips for Guys: 5 Crucial Things to Prepare for Prom

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Prom night is perhaps one of the most memorable events in a guy’s high school life. However, if you want to make it memorable in a good way, it will be best to prepare for the prom essentials no one must ever take for granted. 

You surely wouldn’t want to experience a wardrobe malfunction during a dance or any awkward moment with your date. A famous saying goes, “If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.” And you’re here because you likely want to have the best night of your life before putting high school to a close. Luckily, you came to the right place!

We’ll guide you from choosing who you should ask out to sporting one of the best Hugo Boss watches for men to look extra dashing on this special night. It doesn’t matter whether prom is happening a few months or maybe a year from now; what’s crucial is you’re excited and determined to prepare for it. Let’s get started!

  1. Decide Who to Ask Out

The whole prom experience won’t be complete without having a date! So, if you’ve decided that you want to go out with someone, here are some people you can consider. Make sure to ask them at least a month in advance!

Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

It’s a no-brainer choice if you are already in a committed relationship, and you may be making a mistake if you ask somebody else! Even though they already know you are going to prom with them, it would still be a sweet gesture to ask them out and affirm that you want their company and no one else.

An Available Close Friend

If you are not yet partnered but still wish to prom with someone, you may freely do so! Since you would want to avoid any drama, it’s ideal to ask a friend who is single or available. 

Rest assured that going to prom with someone doesn’t always have to be romantic. If you have a close friend who is still available and doesn’t plan on going with anyone, you should ask them! 

Since it’s hard to assume, you can casually ask them if they’re free and you’d like to go to prom with them. You may also assure your close friend that it will be just a friendly date and that you can’t think of anyone more special. Note that it would be safer if the close friend you’re considering is someone who fully understands the relationship is platonic. Because otherwise, it could get messy if there are any unmet expectations.

A Crush

Although this option may entail some risks, it is still worth the shot. Carefully think about whether or not it will be okay for you if you get a no. If you think you can handle rejection and take it like a sport, maybe you should try it. If you can’t, you may want to take a hard pass because the last thing you want is some bad blood before high school ends.

Extra Tips 

  • If you have the extra confidence, ask some friends to help you pull a memorable promposal, and have one of them take a video of it for you. Whether it’s a sexy dance number, spoken word poetry, or song, rehearse well and pour your heart out–and hopefully, you get a yes.
  • Have a Plan B. Come up with a list of prospective prom dates if you think your chances are low. Asking at least a month in advance also buys you more time to ask others if the first promposals aren’t a success.
  1. Get Prom Tickets Early!

Whether or not you’ve decided about going to prom, get tickets and buy them early! You’ll never know when your crush changes their mind and decides to go with you! It all depends on the school, though most would sell six to eight weeks before prom. The great thing about getting tickets earlier is you score huge discounts.

If you decide not to go at the last minute, you can always sell your ticket to less prepared classmates, and it’s a win-win situation.

  1. Pick the Best Limousine Deal

You can ask your prom date or parents to help you out with this one. Look for limo services in your area and take note of the ones that fit your style and budget. If you want to save money while having extra fun, consider pooling with friends! It will make going to prom more exciting.

There may be a considerable demand during prom season so try booking a limousine one to two months before prom night!

  1. Never Forget Prom Hygiene!

Look sharp, fresh, and tidy. You should never take hygiene for granted, especially if you don’t want your partner to have issues with you–like, don’t drink beer or coffee or eat onion rings right before prom! 

Do a nice clean shave, clip your nails, thoroughly rinse with a mouth wash, moisturize your hands with shea butter lotion, and wear a light spray of evening perfume. If your hair is a bit untidy, consider getting a trim a week before prom and avoid experimental new hairstyles. Good hygiene will make you look more attractive than you think!

  1. Your Outfit and a Superb Wristwatch

Once you have already found a prom date, try deciding what kind of outfit you want to pull off with them. Prom dates look better with matching and cohesive getups, whether it’s the same style or color theme.

Try shopping together one or two months before prom to make sure neither of you misses out on the fabulous pieces you can buy. It’s also best to shop together to decide and agree on what you’ll be wearing. If you’re maintaining a particular figure, make sure to achieve it before prom–and so that your suit or tux will look perfect on you!

Last but not least, make sure that you will be wearing a good watch on prom night. Consider buying a premium yet affordable fashion watch from Hugo Boss. You can buy one from trusted online shops like Fashion watches are stylish and flashy timepieces that make any guy look more sharp and handsome. When you and your partner look good and look good together, nothing can stop you from being the faces of the night.

Final Thoughts

Many things can make or break your prom night, so it is undoubtedly wise to be ready. Also, don’t forget! If your prom date is a girl, order a corsage that matches her outfit; and if it’s a guy, you can choose to get him a rose handkerchief to tuck in his tux chest pocket–for a unique finishing touch from you.

Prom doesn’t happen very often, so it’s always worth preparing. More importantly, don’t forget to have fun while preparing because that part can also help you gather special memories with your parents, friends, and especially your prom date!

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