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From Guatemala, AMLO Once Again Demands Investment from The United States in Central America

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador kicked off his Central American tour in Guatemala on Thursday May 5, meeting his counterpart Alejandro Giamattei who was with him. Deal mainly, issues of migration and regional development.

From that country, the Mexican president called on the United States to fund social programs he proposed to launch on Guatemalan soil to stop “painful” immigration, which is already operating in Mexico amid criticism of their opacity and lack of results.

“We face serious common problems that can only be resolved through cooperation, understanding and mutual respect,” the president said in a message.

For his part, the President of Guatemala renewed his commitment to promoting safe, orderly, regular and circular migration, thanking the social program “Sowing Life” and “Youth Make the Future”.

“This is the fourth time that we have had the opportunity to speak, and we have worked on various programs and projects in which we see the fruits of joint action,” Central America newspaper said.

According to López Obrador, this type of action addresses the causes of irregular migration and promotes social peace.

It was emphasized at the conference that for the implementation of the programs, the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AMEXCID) would provide its support and accompaniment, as indicated by the Letter of Intent on Bilateral Cooperation Matters signed by representatives of international policy of both countries in 2021.

The two governments highlighted efforts to increase the flow of trade between the two countries, both from the existing border crossings and from the additional point whose construction has begun, which will be called “Bicentennial Customs”. They also celebrated the possibility for employers to guarantee the right to social security for Guatemalans, thanks to the simplification of the CURP (Unique Population Registry Act).

At a ceremony, AMLO was also awarded the Quetzal Medal by Giammattei, for the support that Mexico provided to Guatemala during the covid-19 pandemic. On Friday, May 6, the president will continue his tour of El Salvador. (https://www.smallcapnews.co.uk/from-guatemala-amlo-once-again-demands-investment-from-the-united-states-in-central-america/)

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Last modified: 11 de May de 2022