Costa Rica is Looking to Attract Film and Movie Producers

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Costa Rica is Looking to Attract Film and Movie Producers. On December 13th, 2021, Law number 10,071 came into effect, called LAW OF ATTRACTION OF FILM INVESTMENTS IN COSTA RICA. In this way, Congress declares of Public Interest the attraction of investments from the international film industry, its promotion and the generation of productive chains. What is really strange is that there were no advertising campaigns or generalized information on the approval of this new regulation, which would be the ideal way to spread its existence. The purpose of this law is to promote investment and development of international film productions, co-productions and activities in Costa Rica, as a source of economic generation, productive chains, creation of enterprises and hiring of Costa Rican human talent, including a significant impact on the tourist and commercial sectors, for which a number of incentives contained will be granted. Those activities must be carried out totally or partially in Costa Rica.

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