JetBlue Launches New Menu with Delicious Eats in The Sky

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Would you like lemon soufflé pancakes with raspberries for breakfast, a mushroom lasagna for lunch, or a berbere spiced chicken with pearl couscous for dinner during your flight? It’s happening! The low-cost airline JetBlue has recently announced exciting onboard menu updates, including new alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options.

The airline has partnered with Delicious Hospitality Group, a food services company based in New York City under the helm of Chef Ryan Hardy, to provide customers with tasty food for domestic and transatlantic flights.

The options will change depending on the destination, fare class, and the season, but the American carrier has shared in advance a list of menus and options for travelers in the upcoming months.

JetBlue is not the only airline updating inflight menus. A few days ago, Delta Air Lines also launched new menus —including a dessert trolley for Delta One passengers with a build-your-own sundae option— and more carriers have also been making significant changes, such as including plant-based options.

Onboard menu competition has started, and now that COVID-19 restrictions have been removed or eased at certain destinations, airlines can add new products and bring back services that were previously suspended.

The best treats are for international flights, and now that Jetblue has added new international routes —including four incredible Caribbean destinations for the summer— travelers can expect a nice meal experience while flying. Here are the new menus and most relevant food and beverages updates:

JetBlue’s New Menus

Jetblue wants to offer customers better travel experiences, including tasty and energizing food. The new partnership with Delicious Hospitality Group —the team that started famed New York City restaurants like Legacy Records, Charlie Bird, and Pasquale Jones— will allow the carrier to provide a new service with improved options.

The best options are for Mint travelers, JetBlue’s premium class, but other class fares will also have access to flavorful alternatives. Here’s what JetBlue is currently offering travelers on its inflight menu in each category:

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A Great Menu for Mint

Travelers on Mint class will have variations of Charlie Bird restaurant. JetBlue customers taking transatlantic flights will get to taste Italian dishes for lunch and dinner, such as Burrata with Baby Beats and Breadcrumbs, Italian Clam Soup, and Mushroom Lasagna. On domestic flights, the carrier will serve Cacio e Pepe Cavatelli.

For breakfast, the airline will offer a new energizing option of Greek Yogurt with Strawberry Jam and Walnuts for international routes and Lemon Soufflé Pancakes with Raspberries on domestic flights.

JetBlue’s Core experience

The core experience will also have new flavors. Customers taking transatlantic flights will taste new offerings from the restaurant group Dig. JetBlue will offer a new build-your-own dining concept for travelers to combine ingredients and seasonal flavors.

The new options include dishes such as sautéed sirloin with barley risotto, a coconut parfait with fresh lemon for breakfast, and Berbere Spiced Chicken with Pearl Couscous. Those who want to build their own Dig meal will get to decide on a main selection and two sides from a menu.

Jetblue will also include new Eat Up Café items, such as Southwestern Salad and Pepper Jack Sandwich, that travelers can buy on every route where this service is available.

New Flavors in The Sky

The carrier has also informed that travelers can taste new alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options, like a new take on the Archer Roose Rosé, and a new take on the traditional lemon-lime soda.

Travelers flying soon on Mint class can check out the menu in advance. The airline has updated its website and is currently showing all options on domestic flights —the menus are categorized according to regions and destinations— and international flights.

Customers will get to see seasonal menus for up to April 2023 and see which snacks they can get on their next flight. From elaborate Italian meals to Cheez-it crackers, travelers have plenty of options to enjoy on their flights. (


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