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LACSA ‘Returns’ to The Skies of Central America


Avianca presented its third vintage plane as a tribute to the companies that are part of its history.

The colors and logo of the Costa Rican airline LACSA will once again be seen in Central American skies.

This is due to the Colombian airline, Avianca, unveiling its third plane that is part of its vintage collection.

The Airbus A320, with the registration N821AV, sports the colors used the Líneas Aéreas Costarricenses Sociedad Anónima (LACSA), in the 1990s.

This aircraft is expected to cover flights to and from Costa Rica in the coming days.

“With this retro plane from LACSA we celebrate the Costa Rican origins that are part of our operation. We are proud to be important players in connectivity from Costa Rica and to bring the Pura Vida that characterizes us so much, beyond our borders, promoting tourism to the country,” said Viviana Martin, manager of Avianca Costa Rica.

To successfully capture the retro image on the three deliveries, 30 expert technicians worked for 12 days.

Prior to the unveiling, the plane had the TACA colors.

LACSA was founded in 1945.

In 2009, Avianca and TACA surprised everyone when they announced they would merge, with the objective of creating a single airline under one powerful brand and the second most important carrier in the Americas.

This operation currently has more than 400 employees.

From Costa Rica, 68 weekly flights operate to North, Central and South America, being the largest operator in Costa Rica.

The other two vintage planes sport the colors of TACA and Avianca’s special 1950 livery and a logo. (

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