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Canadian Blue Diamond Resorts Hotel Chain to Reopen Facilities in Cuba

Blue Diamond Resorts, the fastest growing hotel chain in the Caribbean, announced it is ready for the reopening of its facilities in Cuba in the winter season that will begin in November.

A press release from that Canadian company states that with the restart of operations in its facilities tourists will be able to enjoy again the impressive white sand beaches and first-class amenities in the exotic destination of Cuba.

On biosecurity protocols, the information adds that the Guaranteed Safety Vacation program protects both guests and company members through nine pillars, including physical distancing, increased team training, cleaning in all common areas and in rooms, with complete disinfection of each point of contact.

Created in 2011, the Blue Diamond Resorts group has a portfolio of 45 properties exceeding 15,500 rooms in 10 countries, with innovative hotel management specializing in offering high-quality vacation experiences in tropical oceanfront settings throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.

In Cuba it manages eight thousand 600 rooms, in 21 facilities and has a presence in the main tourist poles such as Havana, Varadero, Cayo Santa María, Cayo Coco and Holguín, destinations in which it will open all its facilities.

Blue Diamond began working on the island with its two head resorts, Memories and Royalton, and from the economic results decided to incorporate other brands: Starfish Resorts and Grand Memories Resorts, which allowed it to reach new segments of the market.

For the 2020-2021 season they will incorporate their Mystique line, with the opening of the Boutique Hotel Casa Perla by Royalton, in Varadero, a small facility of only 10 rooms, but with a high standard, aimed at businessmen. (http://cuba.cu/turismo/2021-10-06/cadena-hotelera-blue-diamond-resorts-reabrira-instalaciones-en-cuba/57577)

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Last modified: 12 de October de 2021