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Costa Rican Health Authorities Warn the Worst of the Pandemic is Coming

Health authorities in Costa Rica warn that the worst moment of the pandemic in the country is expected in the upcoming weeks. Early this week the social security service (CCSS) reported they had over 2,246 patients that required hospitalization due to Covid-19, an increase “never seen before”. In average, 27 people die every day with conditions related to Covid-19.

“We are close to reaching the point of highest complexity we have faced as country”, stated Mario Urcuyo, from the CCSS. “A person is being hospitalized every 9 minutes. One of every 5 beds in public hospitals are occupied by a Covid-19 patient”, continued Urcuyo.

According to projections by the Social Security Service by the end of September the daily cases will reach 3,100 and out of these approximately 580 will require ICU attention.

The capacity of ICU is of 359 and the system has limitations to grow due not only to the lack of ICU beds but more importantly due to lack of specialized human resource.

The CCSS has reached an agreement with private hospitals for their support and assistance and some patients have already required transfer to private institutions as a result of the increase in the number of cases.

Transit restrictions during the weekend were reinstated as of this weekend by plate number and once again the curfew begins at 9pm every day. (https://news.co.cr/the-worst-of-the-pandemic-is-coming-warn-health-authorities-in-costa-rica/82899/)

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Last modified: 12 de October de 2021