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British sailing yacht arrives in Havana, Cuba

The British-flagged sailing yacht Fidelis, registered in Grand Cayman, on Monday became the first vessel of its kind to visit Havana during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pleasure vessel, with eight crew members, entered the Havana bay on Monday morning from Varadero beach, Cubatur Occidente branch director Carlos Alberto Rivera told Prensa Latina.

Rivera explained that in the Marina Marlin Varadero, they started the prospecting and exploration trip, which includes several tours around the Cuban capital.

The tour comprises three days with visits to sites of interest, including the Revolution Square and the route of US writer Ernest Hemingway, Nobel Prize winner for Literature.

They will also visit the Metropolitan Park and the Jaimanitas community, in western Havana, provided that the current conditions allow access.

The Cubatur official stated that during their stay at the Marina Marlin Varadero, the visitors and the vessel complied with the national health protocols in force due to Covid-19.

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Last modified: 19 de October de 2021