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Costa Rica Ranks Among the Top for Best Healthcare in the World

Costa Rica took the third position in the ranking of “Best Healthcare in the World” in this year’s Annual Global Retirement Index of International Living, criteria include costs for procedures, availability and cost of public and private insurance, and quality.

With 96 points, this is the review for Costa Rica:

“Costa Rica has some of the best healthcare in Latin America. There are two systems, both of which legal residents can access: the government-run universal healthcare system, Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social, known as Caja, and the private system. Both health systems are constantly being upgraded—new clinics, new equipment, and improvements in staff training.

Despite the advancements, costs are low in comparison to those in the U.S.

“One of the reasons Costa Rica is so appealing for retirees, and expats in general, is because of the low-cost, excellent healthcare options,” says Kathleen Evans, IL Costa Rica Correspondent.

“The country has 3 JCI certified medical centers in the nation’s capital, San José. This is the highest global designation awarded in the heath-care industry.

“Once you become a legal resident and pay into the universal social security system (typically 7-11% of your reported income) you qualify for public healthcare through the Caja.

“There are also private health insurance policies available and many expats opt for a blending of both public and private. Those who prefer to simply pay out-of-pocket for procedures can save as much as 30-90% compared to the prices in the USA.”

Portugal and Spain took first and second place while Panama and Colombia tied for fourth place with 94 points. (https://news.co.cr/costa-rica-ranks-among-top-5-countries-with-the-best-healthcare-in-the-world-2020-according-to-internationalliving-com/81035/)

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Last modified: 9 de February de 2020