Haiti´s Senate Puts Off National Talks


The President of the Haitian Senate Joseph Lambert on Tuesday put off the national talks to seek some solutions to the present crisis in the country, after the refusal of several key actors to participate.

The long-time legislator assured that his initiative was well received by political sectors and civil society, however, in a waterfall-like way, one by one of guests rejected his speech.

Both civil society organizations and political parties turned down talks with the government, as February 7 is drawing near, the date on which the opposition and other platforms said the constitutional mandate of President Jovenel Moïse ends.

The talks were slated for Wednesday and Thursday, in order to clear out stances regarding the status of Haiti´s current Constitution, the need for returning to constitutional order through an electoral process and the mechanisms to be implemented for a better governance in a peaceful political scenario.

On Tuesday, the Catholic Church urged Jovenel Moïse to apply what is set out in the Magna Carta, as he did in 2020 to dismiss senators, deputies and mayors.

The opposition, on the other hand, is organizing a two-year transitional government, which will be then called for elections. During this period, they do not propose to reestablish the National Assembly (Parliament), but rather a Transitory Control Body that will ensure respect for the laws and ethics in the management of political affairs. (PL)


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