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PAHO worried about COVID spikes in Jamaica, other Caribbean nations

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is concerned that some Caribbean countries which were managing COVID-19 are now experiencing spikes in the virus. 

Cuba and Jamaica were identified as two such countries. 

To date, Cuba has recorded a total of 5,917 confirmed cases and Jamaica 7,191. 

PAHO Director Dr Carissa Etienne said: “We are concerned about spikes in cases, including in places which had effectively managed outbreaks like Cuba and Jamaica.” 

Etienne said over the past 60 days, 11 countries and territories in the Caribbean have moved from moderate to intense transmission. 

She noted this is a concerning development as countries reopen their airspace. 

The PAHO Director stated transmission remains every active in the region as a whole, as some countries are suffering recurrent spikes in cases. 

Etienne provided these updates at a PAHO media briefing yesterday.

Source: Pool News.

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Last modified: 13 de October de 2020