Vasectomy A Possible Option: No-Scalpel Surgery


For dozens of years there has been the ingrained concept that the woman was in charge of stopping procreation and undergoing the risky surgery of the ligation of her tubes, falling on her the maximum responsibility of the couple. However, the evolution of medical techniques and social thought has today placed vasectomy as a possible option and to be considered for men.

In Cuba these new techniques are practiced and for some years the so-called no-scalpel surgery has been used. Today at the Cira García Central Clinic, in Havana, Dr. Ramiro Fragas Valdés, specialist in Urology and master in Sexuality, pioneer on the Island not only in this but in other novel procedures for the benefit of men’s reproductive health.

In several conversations with the specialist, he has let us know the benefits of this procedure and that is why I have decided to share with the readers of the Central American Digital Newspaper this valuable information.

The eminent professor warns us that, although it can be done since the 70s, “you do not practice everything you could because, when you refer to couples, you think more about the ligation of the tubes, and because it is the woman who usually opts for sterilization. The idea is that this will change, especially since vasectomy is a much simpler and less risky procedure for a man, than ligation is for women and much less cost for the health system.”

One of the issues that affect men not opting for this technique, in addition to prejudices, is misinformation, as stated categorically by Dr. Fragas, who believes that “if we break the taboo of machismo, if we make greater dissemination of the method, and if we manage to get family planning programs to propose it as an option to couples, vasectomy would be performed much more than tubal ligation in women as occurs in Europe, Asia and North America.

Several techniques and methods exist in Cuba so that women and men can put an end to fertility responsibly.

Dr. Ramiro Fragas, also a member of the Board of Directors of the Cuban Society of Urology is one of the pioneers in Cuba in the application of these techniques and others related to urology and explains that “vasectomy is a very simple surgery that is performed in 15 minutes. Rest is two or three days, and sexual activity can be resumed a week.”

However, he believes it is necessary to clarify that “the reversal in case the patient wants to have children then lasts at least two hours because it is done through microsurgery, and the results are not always favorable. Therefore, it is generally recommended for couples in which the man and woman are over 35 years old. It cannot be a hasty decision and must be promoted between stable unions, with two children or more.”

The urologist assures that the experience of these men, when the doctor summons them to a consultation to see how they did, is very favorable. “They are very happy with the method and recommend it as something safe and simple,” he says.

Men should know that it does not affect virility: their erections will remain the same, ejaculation too, only free of sperm.” It also points out that “the couple must continue to take care of themselves up to three months after the surgery to completely avoid any risk of pregnancy.”

So, you know friend reader, Cuba is a magnificent health destination and you will find this service at the Cira García Central Clinic

The decision is in your hands, the solution is Dr. Ramiro Fragas.

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Source: Valentín Rodríguez / Periódico Digital Centroamericano y del Caribe.


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