The II Cuba 2021 Business Forum Concludes This Thursday


The Cuba 2021 Business Forum, the most important event of the year for the country in terms of trade and investment, concluded on Thursday, December 2nd, after four days of interactive exchanges with representatives of various organizations and sectors, in order to strengthen and establish new relationships or businesses in those fields.

This event has been valued as a useful opportunity due to the extensive and up-to-date information offered, in which around three thousand participants from 86 nations, including government officials, chambers of commerce, and agencies of promotion of trade and investment, businessmen from Cuba and the world, and Cuban non-state forms of management, had a chance to know about investment opportunities in the Island.

Precisely the final day includes an exchange on business in tourism, the biopharmaceutical industry, in the agri-food sector and in the renewable energy sector with foreign companies.

At a time when the largest of the Antilles is moving towards a new normality and its recovery, with the gradual opening of all economic and social activities, this meeting took place in which ministers, managers and experts referred to the main export goods and services in their respective branches, and Cuban private business entrepreneurs also spoke about their experiences, results and perspectives.

The presentation of the new Portfolio of Foreign Investment Opportunities and for the promotion of businesses in prioritized sectors such as those mentioned has been particularly significant.

Likewise, as part of the effort to advance in strengthening the ties between Cubans living in other countries and the nation, as a continuation of the dialogue initiated by Fidel Castro in 1978, the forum included a panel dedicated to the opportunities that resident compatriots have. abroad to participate in business and investments on the Island.

While the current international panorama continues to be marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and its serious economic and social consequences, Cuba continues to bet on the development of foreign trade and foreign investment, despite the obstacles imposed by the North American blockade, of which impact was also discussed at the appointment. (ACN)

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