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‘Choose Belize, We Are Open for Business,’ Government Declares in Opening of Investment Summit

Minister of State for Finance Christopher Coye and CEO Narda Garcia have launched Belize’s first ever Investment Summit, to be held in November partially virtually and at Grand Caribe Hotel in San Pedro Town.

While Belize has seen great recovery in the first half of 2021, according to Coye, the future depends on easing the transition to starting a new business – from legal reforms to support of businesses, including trade license reform.

Belize is also looking to nearest neighbors Mexico and Guatemala to tap their markets and build investment and trade.

Garcia said it is hoped that attendees will choose Belize as their development destination, to build the nation. (https://www.breakingbelizenews.com/2021/08/19/choose-belize-we-are-open-for-business-government-declares-in-opening-of-investment-summit/)

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Last modified: 12 de October de 2021