FIHAV 2022, The Most Important Trade Fair in The Region Begins in Cuba

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Cuba. Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, opened this Monday the 38th edition of the International Fair of Havana (FIHAV 2022), the most important commercial exchange in Cuba and the region, which brings together some 400 national companies and representatives of more than 62 countries.

The Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, was in charge of the central words, thanking the work of the Organizing Committee who made it possible for the Expocuba pavilions to exhibit the colors and vitality that always characterized this commercial event.

He stressed that FIHAV 2022 is an opportunity for face-to-face exchange with businessmen, friends from the national and international scope and also with Cubans from different parts of the world who have decided to bet on the development of their country.

Marrero Cruz explained the steps that Cuba took to resist the health crisis, product of Covid-19, where thanks to Cuban science, the production of vaccines and pharmaceutical products with proven effectiveness was achieved.

He mentioned the current international crisis and the widening inequality gap. “Although the pandemic did not discriminate in regions, again developing countries suffered the worst consequences,” he said. Also, referred to the increase in the prices of food, fuel and raw materials, the increase in freight, the fall in international tourism and the impact of climate change, among other factors.

The Cuban Prime Minister criticized the U.S. blockade against Cuba, which makes the country very vulnerable to the current international situation, with serious financial limitations that cause delays in payments by Cuban companies and effects on commitments with foreign partners. However, he reiterated Cuba’s willingness to honor each of its obligations, thanking the trust, patience and understanding of all those companies that still work with Cuba.

The fair, which takes place at the Expocuba fairgrounds, hosts a significant number of top-level delegations, made up of ministers and senior government officials, businessmen and personnel linked to the business world, from countries such as China, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates and Russia, among others.

The fair is also attended by Cuban national companies, some 70 micro, medium and small enterprises, non-agricultural cooperatives, new actors in the economic and commercial scenario of the island.

A group of companies from the United States participate, which, despite the blockade measures, expose their business portfolio and have shown interest in knowing Cuba’s commercial possibilities.

This commercial exchange will present a group of activities, among which are the V Investment Forum, where Cuba’s updated business portfolio will be presented, as well as panels and round tables with economic and investment topics of interest, the potentialities of the Mariel Special Development Zone, as well as the investment possibilities for Cubans residing abroad.

The International Fair of Havana has been held since 1983 and this time it takes place in person after two years canceled (2020 and 2021) as a result of Covid-19.

FIHAV 2022 ends on Friday, November 18.

Source: Periódico Digital Centroamericano y del Caribe

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