Editorial Note; Happy New Year 2022!!!


Dear readers,

This is the latest edition of the Periódico Digital Centroamericano y del Caribe’s newsletter in 2021, and – as usual-  we do not want to end without first thanking all our readers and friends for their comments that have made us to do a better job.

Our media outlet has strived to objectively and efficiently reflect the news events in Central America and the Caribbean, bringing to all of you the most relevant news in the region.

Many are the events that have been in the news during this year that ends, however, Covid-19 remains the biggest problem facing humanity. We have had to lament the loss of human lives, the vaccination program continues to be inefficient, and does not reach the 43 million people who live in Central America, together with the fact that the fragility of the health systems of our countries has been exposed.

The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on economies and labor markets worldwide, and our region does not escape this phenomenon. According to ECLAC data, in Central America, the highest unemployment was experienced in the female sector, the young labor force and the informal sector. At the same time, people with disabilities were strongly affected, who before the crisis already experienced a high unemployment rate.

We trust that science will seek a solution to this terrible pandemic as soon as possible, that citizens will take the necessary measures to take care of themselves and avoid the spread of the virus and that in the future we will learn to live in this new scenario, in a new normal that allows us to advance and develop, but taking care of ourselves.

We do not want to end without first thanking all our advertisers for the trust placed on us, reiterating that we will continue working to provide them with accurate and objective information, always attached to truth and justice, with the confidence that we work to achieve a better, more inclusive world and where we can all achieve our goals.

Congratulations and God bless you all with a lot of  health and success!!!

Central American and Caribbean Digital Newspaper Collective.


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