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Varadero, now and always very pleasant … and safe


Magazine Security is one of the most important strengths of Varadero today, considered among the best beaches in the world according to TripAdvisor, which highlights its blue waters, its fine sand and its beautiful landscapes, which confirms that destination as the main Cuban resort and among the first in the Caribbean.

This condition is given thanks to the rigorous sanitary protocols applied in the destination, depending on the well-being and health of the visitors who choose Varadero to vacation, said the delegate of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) in Matanzas, Ivis Fernández Peña, in a recent meeting with the foreign press accredited in Cuba.

“Cuban tourism has redesigned its processes because today, more than ever, the safety of destinations comes first and our clients are protected with the established measures, which for us is of vital importance. Enjoyment and health are the top priorities”, she added.

Referring to Canada, which for many years and since 1994 is the main source of vacationers to the island, she specified: “Varadero has a high level of repeating customers, those who have ties of affection and familiarity with our people. For many Canadians this is also home and it will always be that way ”. Regarding the effects caused by COVID-19, a situation that has been going on for more than a year and a half, she pointed out that “the pandemic has physically distanced us, but it has not been able to erase the fond memories and feelings”

Later, she explained the measures adopted with respect to visitors, among which is the performance of a COVID test upon arrival in the country, the results of which are known in the first 24 hours, and if they are negative, tourists are mobile outside the facility without difficulties and they have medical services, nursing and an epidemiologist 24 hours a day in the accommodation.

As part of the requirements of the Government of Canada, travelers are guaranteed to take samples at the facility itself by medical personnel and a certificate is issued with the results for their return from vacation, said the official.

When a client is positive, he receives medical treatment at the hospital hotel, in the locality itself if he is asymptomatic, except those of pediatric age who are transferred, together with the adult, to a specialized institution, she clarified.

Regarding the contact personnel with clients, Fernández Peña detailed the sanitary measures adopted in accordance with the provisions of MINTUR and the Ministry of Public Health, within which is the vaccination, already concluded among the employees and actors involved in the tourist activity of the territory.

 Also, she continued, the daily enquiry is carried out at the entrance and exit of the personnel by specialists, as well as the health of workers is permanently monitored in compliance with the sanitary protocols, for each activity is supervised and inspected. All this, said the delegate, has made it possible that in the case of the 3,780 Canadians who arrived in the country from July 3 to date, only 0.7% have been registered as positive.

This journalist was able to access the testimony of a Canadian tourist, Kaylee Loraine Risbridger, from Edmonton, province of Alberta, who is in Varadero, at the Royalton hotel, in a happy nuptial period. “Everything here in Cuba was easy and fast. They did the PCR and the result was quick, something important to enjoy a carefree honeymoon. The stay at the hotel has been very good. There is strict compliance with sanitary measures in terms of hygiene, disinfection and distancing, which gives us a lot of security, “said the visitor.

This is a reflection of the importance that the country’s authorities give to the preservation of the health of visitors and workers, which confirms, once again, the old jingle that says: “Varadero, Varadero now and always very pleasant”, to which could now be added and safe.

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Last modified: 4 de September de 2021