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Varadero, An Exclusive and Safe Destination

Cuba. “Varadero is more than a perfect beach, Cuba is more than a safe destination,” said Ivis Fernández Peña, delegate of the Cuban Ministry of Tourism during a press conference before national and foreign media at the Meliá Internacional Hotel in Varadero, the country’s main tourist hub.

During her speech, the Mintur board offered details of the measures that have been taken to guarantee the health security of visitors and the benefits that Varadero has to offer a safe tourism adjusted to the demands of visitors.

“This pandemic that has affected millions of human beings and families in the world seeks safety so as not to be infected … and as is logical total relaxation, since it has led to a stress derived from the isolations and changes that have impacted on our lives, a beach like Varadero of 21 kilometers of crystal-clear waters, transparent and free of sargassum, with aquatic safety and that can guarantee the distance between thousands of people is exclusive in the area “, Fernandez Peña said.

She also explained that all the facilities of Varadero are prepared to guarantee the safety of visitors, with a highly qualified and trained staff, who will comply with all security measures with a view to offering tourists a healthy enjoyment.

On the behavior that has characterized the tourist activity in the main pole of the country, the delegate explained that since April 18 to date have arrived about 60 thousand Russian tourists, this being the only market that has remained operating uninterruptedly through three tour operators and four airlines.

For Varadero, the Russian market has experienced sustained growth in the last six years, reflecting 38 percent, although in a general sense Canada continues to be the main issuing market.

During her speech, the delegate of the Mintur in Varadero explained that during these months of tourist interruption some 20,600 maintenance actions and investments in tourist facilities of the spa have been carried out, considering that they are ready to offer safe and quality tourism.

The national and foreign press that participated in the presentation had the opportunity to visit different places and facilities, such as the Boulevard de Varadero, the Royalton Hicacos Hotel, the Iberostar Varadero Hotel, and the Meliá Varadero Hotel, where they could see the improvements that have been made and the new conditions for the tourist opening scheduled for this November 15, facing the winter season.

Source: Periódico Digital Centroamericano y del Caribe

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Last modified: 24 de October de 2021