Cuba Is Open to Hold Talks with the US, Restates Diaz-Canel


President Miguel Diaz-Canel reiterated that Cuba is open to hold talks with the United States and to a civilized relationship, but on the basis of equality and respect, local press reported this Friday.

The president stated yesterday to foreign and national media sources in Sancti Spiritus, where he made a work visit, that Washington has to respect Cuban sovereignty.

We are not going to give up, or let us sully, we have a prepared people, he sentenced, according to the Cuban radio station Radio Rebelde on its website.

Diaz-Canel added that US President Donald Trump’s behavior towards Cuba responds to three elements: elections, failure of his politics in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the way of thinking of the Republican.

He explained that Trump is trying to win support of the Cuban-American mafia, which is an error of appreciation, he underscored, as this responds to the interests of a small minority.

Regarding the second point, he mentioned that popular protests against neoliberalism in several Latin American countries left a very complex situation.

In the face of such crisis, the US seeks excuses saying that Cuba is the cause of these problems, sustained the head of State, quoted by the aforementioned broadcaster.

He ratified that Cuba is ready to face difficult times with Trump’s re-election or not, to which he stressed that ‘we have a whole strategy and a legacy of resistance and struggle.’

Since arriving at the White House, Trump has tightened hostility towards Cuba through coercive measures and more restrictions affecting both peoples, as Cuban authorities have denounced. (


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