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Connectivity Between the US and Central America

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Central America has become one of the main destinations for US travelers. The local governments have been easing their travel restrictions, and airlines have announced new routes while reactivating old ones. How does the connectivity between both regions currently look?

A look at current connectivity

Currently, 11 airlines are operating between the United States and Central America. They are offering 8,474 monthly flights, according to Cirium’s database.

Between them, they have nearly 1.4 million seats available on routes between both regions. These two numbers are an increase compared to what they had in pre-pandemic times.

According to Cirium, now there are 7.2% more flights between the US and Central America and 9.5% more seats, which shows that there has been a speedy recovery, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, two airlines have entered the market. Frontier Airlines and Eastern Airlines were not flying to Central America in August 2019 (Eastern wasn’t flying at all).

New routes, more connectivity.

According to Cirium, there are 29 new routes between both regions, compared to August 2019.

For instance, Eastern Airlines has launched one route between Miami and Managua (Nicaragua). In the meantime, United has started operations on 13 new routes, mainly connecting to Belize and El Salvador.

These are the new routes that have been launched, compared to August 2019:

Eastern: Managua-Miami

Avianca: San Salvador-Ontario; Miami-San Salvador; Miami-San José

United Airlines: Belize-Los Angeles; Los Angeles-Liberia; Chicago O’Hare-Belize; Chicago O’Hare-San Jose; San Francisco-Liberia; Belize-Denver; Belize-Newark; Denver-San José; Los Angeles-San Pedro Sula; Guatemala-Los Angeles; Los Angeles-San Salvador; Los Angeles-San José, and Houston-San Salvador.

Frontier Airlines: Miami-San Salvador; Miami-San José; Guatemala-Miami, and Orlando-San José.

JetBlue: Los Angeles-Liberia; New York JFK-San José; Los Angeles-San Jose, and Guatemala New York JFK.

Spirit Airlines: New Orleans-San Pedro Sula

American Airlines: Miami-Roatan (Honduras).

Delta Air Lines: New York JFK-San Salvador and Los Angeles-San Salvador.

The latest route announcements between Central America and the US

In the next few months, we can expect more routes between both regions.

Spirit Airlines is also planning to launch services to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, landing at the city’s new airport of Palmerola International (XPL).

Earlier this year, JetBlue launched its new flight between New York City and Guatemala, using its Airbus A320 fleet.

The South American airline, Avianca, has also launched two routes from Central America. Avianca will fly from El Salvador to Orlando and from Guatemala to Washington, it recently reported. Moreover, it will also resume its connectivity from Guatemala to New York and Miami. On July 4, the carrier launched its Ontario-San Salvador operations.

Belize will also receive new flights. On November 19, Alaska Airlines will launch two routes to this country, from Los Angeles International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. A few weeks later, Frontier Airlines will connect from Denver and Orlando, starting from December 11.

Costa Rica has also been in the spotlight. Frontier Airlines announced it will fly to Liberia, Costa Rica, starting on November 11; American Airlines will fly to San José and Guanacaste, beginning on November 2, from Chicago O’Hare International, as reported by Tico Times. (https://simpleflying.com/connectivity-between-the-us-and-central-america/)

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Last modified: 4 de September de 2021