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American Introduces New Food-For-Purchase Menu

Next time you fly in the main cabin on American Airlines, you’ll likely see a new menu in your seatback pocket.

Starting Saturday, American will begin offering updated food options that can be purchased on flights within the U.S., Central America, Canada and the Caribbean that are longer than 1,100 miles, or approximately three hours.

The new dishes cost between $8 and $11, and include a chicken lentil salad shaker jar, a raspberry chipotle turkey sandwich, an egg salad breakfast sandwich and a yogurt and berry box.

The menu was created in collaboration with Zoës Kitchen, American’s inflight catering partner since 2018.

As part of its advertising campaign for the food update, American tried its hand at the “tiny kitchen” social media trend, making a version of the chicken lentil salad in miniature.

In a statement, Leah Rubertino, a spokeswoman for the airline, said that flight attendants were directly involved in creating the new menu.

“They joined the food & beverage team to look at all new items to provide perspective on what customers like to purchase and enjoy eating,” she said.

The new dishes are already available for pre-reservation, and all passengers can reserve meals starting 30 days before their scheduled departure. (https://thepointsguy.com/news/american-introduces-new-food-for-purchase-menu/)

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Last modified: February 9, 2020